Tulsi plants can be seen in almost every household in India. It is often called holy basil because of the religious beliefs. People from the Hindu community, consider this plant as a divine entity and they also worship this plant. They worship Tulsi plant as an avatar of Laxmi. They pray regularly facing the plant in the evening and also at the dawn for the deep religious beliefs. Tulsi plants are mentioned in many of the ancient religious texts. This particular plant has many important benefits. Its leaves and also its roots are used for different kind of medical decoctions. If the paste of its leaves is eaten every day in the morning, then we can overcome many health issues. It helps to clear our skin and to protect our kidney from the kidney stones. It can be used as a tonic for our entire body.

  • Tulsi plants are also very effective for any kind of fever. Its fungicidal, germicidal, antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties help us to resolve us from the fever that is caused due to common infections like Malaria. Usually, people boil some leaves of Tulsi with powdered cardamom and then mix it with sugar milk. This mixture is consumed by the patient to prevent the fever. This technic is very much effective for the children too. The basil leaves are packed with anti-oxidant properties and essential oils which help to function pancreatic beta cells properly. This is how this sacred plant lowers blood sugar and treats diabetes in an efficient way.

  • Tulsi plants have special abilities to protect our heart by keeping our blood pressure under good control. It also helps to lower our cholesterol level. Tulsi plants are also used reduce stress as this plant maintains a normal level of the stress hormone in our body. Uric acid is one of the main reasons for kidney stones. Tulsi plant can effectively reduce the uric acid level in our blood. This plant plays an important role to stop various cancers like oral or breast. Due to the anti-fungal properties, this plant is very much useful in the case of our hair and skin problems. It reduces hair fall and also cleanses our scalp. Respiratory disorders also can be fixed with the help of these wonder plant. Cold and Bronchitis can be treated by this plant very effectively. Though Tulsi is a very useful plant it has some side effects. It is always referred to take medical supervision for the pregnant mother before taking it.

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