Tulsi, or Basil, the miracle plant, is worshipped almost all over India and quite rightfully so. The plant is God's gift to humankind as each part of the Tulsi plant has powerful health benefits and is completely easy to obtain. Till a few decades ago a lot of joint families would have a Tulsi plant in the house which would be worshipped every day and would also be available for quick home remedies in case of small ailments. It is considered the queen of all herbs by Ayurveda and its leaves stem, seed, root, oil and flower are all very beneficial for health.

Common Benefits of the Tulsi Plant

•    For Heart Diseases: The blood cholesterol reduces significantly with the consumption of tulsi tonic on a regular basis. Tulsi can be prescribed to treat mild to moderate insulin-independent diabetes. 

•    Fighting Cancer: The phytochemicals present in tulsi prevents a lot of chemical-induced cancer like cancer of the liver, lung, skin and mouth. It increases the anti-oxidants in the body and leads to cancer-cell death.

•    Helps relieve stress: Continuing on the same vein, tulsi prevents a lot of harmful chemicals from hurting the body, which helps in relieving chemical stress. Consumption of tulsi leaves also relaxes the muscles which in turn help in reducing stress from physical exertion. It normalises blood glucose, blood pressure and other levels in the body which relieves the psychological stress.

•    For Skincare: Tulsi is one of the most effective herbal remedies for acne and other skin problems along with aloe vera. It cures infection both externally and internally; thus one can either apply a paste or can ingest it. The gamma-caryophyllene and methyl eugenol in the Tulsi makes it a miracle worker in case of skin infections. It also helps maintain healthy hair and prevents premature greying.

•    Relieves Fever: Tulsi is one of the most important remedies used in Ayurveda to cure fever because of its antibiotic and germicidal abilities. It can be boiled in water and ingested to relieve a sore throat, inflammation and other small infections. It also clears the respiratory tract by removing all congestions of the throat. It also used to treat mild-asthma.

•    Relieves a headache: Since it is a very effective stress reliever, it helps in decreasing migraine and other kinds of headaches. It is also very rich in Vitamin K which aids in brain function.

•    Eye and Dental health: Because of its infection-fighting abilities against viruses and bacteria, tulsi is recommended for use against pink eye and other related eye infections. It also helps in slowing down cataract formation in the eye.

Tulsi also fights the bacteria present in your mouth naturally reducing chances of cavities, tartar, plaque etc. It also serves as a mild mouth freshener.

Daily Dosage

Even though the home remedy experts might not out a limit on the consumption on tulsi per day, there should be a limit considering the instant effect a lot of components of the tulsi has on the human body. Safe dosage of tulsi per day can be regarded as 300-2000mg.

Side Effects

•    Reduction of the effect of drugs containing diazepam and scopolamine.

•    Negative impact on the menstruation cycle and pregnant women if consumed in massive amounts.

•    Hypoglycaemia

•    Thinning of blood thus hampering blood-clotting in case of emergencies.